Course Packages

Are you looking to enroll in several courses?

Look into purchasing one of the course packages below and enjoy a 10% discount off of your total enrollment fee!

How Does It Work?

Each course package has a certain group of courses associated with it. Choose from the Auditor or Watcher option and enjoy full access to the included courses for 1-year at that enrollment level.

Can I Pick and Choose Which Course are Included?

Sorry, no. Our course packages are designed to follow certain learning paths and training goals.

Can I Upgrade My Enrollment in One or More Courses?

Absolutely! For instance, you may purchase a course that includes three courses at the Auditor enrollment level but you want to upgrade to the Student option for one of the courses. You may process this upgrade at any time.

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Online Dog Training Programs

Family Dog Program

Family Dog Program

Real-Life Skills Program

Real-Life Skills Program

Canine Good Citizen Program

CGC Program

C.L.A.S.S. Program

C.L.A.S.S. Program

Shaping Behavior Program

Shaping Program

Virtual Coaching Program

Virtual Coaching