Family Dog II

Having graduated the Family Dog I course, your dog now has a solid set of foundation skills to aid them in being a good family canine companion. Now it is time for us to finess those skills!

Course Details

Keeping our training fun, engaging and easy-to -understand for our dog, we will begin to weave in more normal routines to cement their skills. This may include:

  • Ensuring the dog always sits before they get what they want
  • Learning to wait patiently as their people do "human stuff" such as pay a bill at the store, etc.
  • Wait patiently in the car until they are released to exit
  • Illustrate good impulse control when it comes to dropped food or toys
  • Stay with more concentrated distractions and increased distance
  • Continue to perfect their on-leash walking skills
  • and much more!

We'll also continue to give you additional skills from other management tools, how you can tap into play to get the results you want and common pitfalls to avoid.


Family Dog I

What You Will Need: 

  • flat or martingale collar
  • front-clip harness (optional)
  • 6'-8' leash
  • 10'-15' long line
  • LOTS of small, soft and yummy treats

Course Outline

  • Want Something? Sit
  • Park and Safe Legs
  • Stays: Lots of Distractions and Increased Distance
  • Emergency Recall
  • Beauty of Wait: Doorways, Cars and More
  • On-Leash Walking Stage 2
  • Putting It All Together

Meet Dianna L. Santos

Meet Dianna L. Santos

Owner and Lead Instructor




 AKC Scent Work Judge

 USCSS CSD and Judge

 AKC CGC Evalutor and Instructor

 C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator and Instructor

 Associate Trick Dog Instructor

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