Mastering Treats for Training Webinar

When we are training our dogs, it is crucially important that we are using proper reward placement. Otherwise our dogs can become confused as to what behavior we actually liked and want them to continue doing. We discuss how you can properly use treats and reward placement to ensure your training is as effective as possible.

Webinar Details

Knowing when and how to reward your dog is an important part of training. When using treats, there are even more questions you need to answer: why type of treat will use? How many treats will you feed the dog? Does the number and value change depending on the dog's behavior? Will you hand the dog the treat or toss it? Will they need to chase it?

We discuss all of this and more in this webinar, helping you decipher how you can master using treats in your training and when to use some other types of reward as well.

Webinar Outline

  • Reason to Use Treats
  • How to Use Treats
  • Value, Presentation and Why They Matter
  • Building Accuracy and Precision

Is This Webinar For You?

Are you training your dog? Being clear and effective is likely your goal, so you can enjoy ideal results! You will learn how to do just that with this webinar.

Are you new to training with treats? There are lots of different ways to train dogs. Perhaps using treats is a new concept to you. We will help you feel more comfortable in using this tool with this webinar.

Are you uncertain if you are using treats correctly in your training? Does it feel as though you are just throwing cookeis at the problem without seeing any results? We will outline some ways you can check to see whether your current approach is working for you not, and what changes and adjustments you may be able to make.

Meet the Speaker


Dianna L. Santos

Owner and Lead Instructor

Dianna's Credentials




AKC Scent Work Judge

USCSS CSD and Judge

AKC CGC Evaluator and Instructor

C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator and Instructor

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

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