Spectacular Stays

Does your dog have a habit of breaking their stays? Maybe they can hold it in some contexts but not in others? Or, perhaps they do great but as soon as you move to go walk back to them, they bounce up. We will help build a solid and joyful stay in this 4-week course!

Course Details

There are three essential parts of learning any given skill: mastering duration, distractions and distance. The same holds true when training your dog to stay. To be effective, each of these elements need to be taught separately to begin with.

However, it is very common for people to jump to training the distance element first, trying to get as far away from their dog as quickly as possible. After all, a stay where the dog is 20' away from you is far more impressive than a stay where the dog is only 2' away from you!

But what happens when the dogs is even 10' away from you and they get up after you told them to stay? You go back to them to put them back into their stay...which is exactly what your dog wanted in the first place (to be with you). By going back to your dog, you are rewarding them for getting up and breaking their stay! Before you know it, you have yo-yo stays.

In this 4-week course we will outline how you can build consistent and solid stays that your dog enjoys doing. This will be accomplished by going back to basics to shore up foundation behaviors and then quickly progressing to advanced techniques if your dog is ready. Both you and your dog will be set up to succeed and before you know it, you will have some spectacular stays.


Family Dog I or equivalent

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What You Will Need:

  • flat or martingale collar
  • front-clip harness (optional)
  • clicker (optional)
  • 6'-8' leash
  • 10'-15' long line
  • mat or towel for your dog to lay on
  • crate (optional)
  • LOTS of small, soft and yummy treats

Course Outline

  • Re-Defining a Stationary Stay
  • Building Impressive Duration
  • Introducing and Perfecting Distractions
  • Working on Distance Thoughtfully
  • Putting it All Together

Meet Dianna L. Santos

Meet Dianna L. Santos

Owner and Lead Instructor




 AKC Scent Work Judge

 USCSS CSD and Judge

 AKC CGC Evalutor and Instructor

 C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator and Instructor

 Associate Trick Dog Instructor

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