Perfect Puppies Program

All puppies need training to grow up into well-adjusted and behaved dogs. Our puppies are little sponges who are primed to learn all about their world: what is safe, what isn't and how to properly interact with people, dogs and other animals. We need to pounce on this opportunity, but mindfully.

Luckily the courses we offer in our Perfect Puppies Program will help you achieve these goals and more!

Your puppy needs to be properly socialized. It's more than just playing with other puppies! Learn the right way to socialize your pup.

To grow up into a well-adjusted and well-behaved adult, your puppy needs to master a few skills. We will help them do just that in this course.

Introduce your puppy to the fun that is agility in a safe and careful way that will build their confidence, while not taxing their growing bodies.

Your puppy has an amazing sense of smell! Tap into this by introducing them to the game of Scent Work in a fun and low-pressure way.